Gnomic Exploration Services

About us

"We are the Longest Standing Geoscience Contracting Group in North Queensland"

Gnomic has a large pool of highly professional geotechnical personnel, who are fully assessed for their integrity, technical skills, level of experience, loyalty, enthusiasm and personal work preferences. This has resulted in clients and staff having a strong sense of loyalty to Gnomic.

We offer clients our depth of knowledge, experience and expertise in: geoscience human resource management; administrative and legislative employment requirements; database management; geoscientific and field support, workplace health & safety, and more.

Each contract is assessed on individual requirements that are matched with the skills and personalities of our personnel to obtain the best person for the job, at competitive rates. Confidentiality is assured.

Our outstanding success is based on our intimate understanding of human nature, particularly in the sometimes difficult conditions faced by those who work in the minerals industry. Both client and employee needs, technical and personal, are well considered before staff are assigned. Continual communication between the client and Gnomic's specialist management team ensures a harmonious professional relationship that allows optimum productivity for the duration of the contract. This has resulted in a strong bond of loyalty to Gnomic by both staff and clients.


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