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Mine Geologist

Near Mt Isa
We are looking for a mine geologist for an underground mine near Mt Isa.
 There is likely to be some infill drilling core logging, but only to mine standard.
 To begin with the roster is 14/7 but that is likely to change as operations commence.
Mt Isa based would be preferable but FIFO from Brisbane or Townsville 

Preferences for this mine geologist role are:

+ a great professional work ethic
+ a few years underground experience
+ Micromine user or willing to transition from another platform
+ a lot of data management involved.
+ ability to work UG in the heat and humidity, and confident and able to carry the torch when         they are the only mine geologist on site.
+being part of a small team with minimal layers of heirarchy
+ possible extension from  3 month contract to staff position