Gnomic Exploration Services


Geoscientists and Geotechnical Personnel

Providing the people you need when you need them

 Gnomic Exploration Services has available a large pool of geo-scientists and geo-technical personnel who are fully assessed for their integrity, technical skills, motivation, level of experience, loyalty, enthusiasm and personal work preferences. We offer clients the benefits of outsourcing, which saves administrative and employment on costs, for both long and short term contracts.


With the increasing overheads and commitments associated with employing full-time staff, outsourcing of Exploration and Mining Personnel makes good economic and legal sense. Not to mention the avoidance of under-utilised consultants and technical personnel.

 Therefore Gnomic Exploration Services' save you administrative and employment costs, including;

  • Interview, Assessment Time and Expense, Recruitment
  • Superannuation Guarantee Charges
  • Work Cover Premiums and Penalties
  • Group Tax
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Compliance with State and Federal Awards
  • Payroll Tax (imposed on both wages and superannuation)
  • Administration Costs

Gnomic Exploration Services is an equal opportunity employer and consider workplace safety of paramount importance resulting in a strong record of promoting safe work practices to our personnel.